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The Gas Mask

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(no subject) [Apr. 25th, 2004|11:15 pm]
The Gas Mask
Aight, I'm moving my column to the lop forum. If anyone is interested just go to lopforums.com to read it. Peace.
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(no subject) [Apr. 17th, 2004|01:48 am]
The Gas Mask
Hmm busy week in wrestling. TNA has prevented Sonjay Dutt, AJ Styles, Amazing Red, and Chris Daniels from attending ROH shows. CM Punk choose ROH over a bigger pay check in TNA. The whole issue with this is because TNA is getting a TV deal and they don't want any of their wrestlers to be associated with ROH due to the whole Feinstein situation. They don't care about their wrestlers working somewhere just not ROH. They wanted ROH owner Gabe to sign a contract stating the Rob is no longer affilated with ROH and somewhere in the contract it stated that by signing the contract it gurantees TNA will not get any heat directed towards the whole Feinstein situation. With the contract being very bleak Gabe's lawyers told him not to sign.

Anyways, I don't think this effect ROH much with the great roster they have. AJ is a loss but oh well. This whole ordeal will hopefully get settled. They've yet to strip AJ of his title or put a new leader in charge of Chris Daniel's prophecy.

My thoughts on RAW, it was good. You can't expect a RAW before a PPV to ever be great, can't take big chances before a huge show. Looks like Flair might put over Shelton at Backlash. I think that's great for Shelton finally someone who deserves a push unlike hmmm Randy "i make it obvious that i'm reading off cue cards" Orton.

Smackdown sucked. Only thing I enjoyed is the build up for Mark Jindrak, the reflection of perfection. The Theodore Long rub is what Jindrak needs to finally make it big.

Praise Of The Week:
I think I actually saw Virgil take a bump in that match.

Wrestler Of The Week:
Jay is young and talented, always a good combo. His intense style reminds me a lot of Benoit. Doesn't exactly have the look for a singles star but theres always ways of compensating for that. As for the mic skills, well thats why he has Jim Cornette manage him. I see Jay Briscoe a year from now being listed amongst the best with American Dragon, AJ Styles, and the rest of the elite.

Rant Of The Week:
The lack of appreciation for some of my promos when I backyard wrestled. God damn they were good, yet never any props. My intense battle with Danny Denis playing No Mercy and if I was to win I get a title shot or my staring contest with him for number one contendership. Yet, none will top my promo when it was me against Stephen K. Frost.

Hazard (me): Stephen, just let me be the leader of the MDT. I don't want to have to beat you tonight, take leadership and your belt.
Stephen (mark): No dice.
Hazard: Alright, what will it take? How about money?
Stephen: Nope I won't take money.
Hazard: Alright I'll give you my best of virgil tape.
Stephen: Tempting but no.
Hazard: Alright, i'll give you girls lots of hot ladies stephen.
Stephen: No.
Hazard: Whats a matter Stephen are ladies not your thing? BLING BLING!

Graphic of the week:
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(no subject) [Apr. 9th, 2004|01:56 am]
The Gas Mask
Alright, quick review of the past weeks in wrestling.

Sean O'haire got fired. Well, big deal. This guy owns victories over Hogan, Benoit, and Eddie Guerrero. What the fuck is that? This guy doesn't even know how to sell a hurt leg. I'm surprized they released him, guys like Cena and Goldberg prove you don't need any talent to be over with the audience. Takes more than a pretty swanton to get over with me Sean. Yes, I was a fan of the gimmick but without his high flying arsenal A-Train is better than him.

Jindrak> O'haire

Shelton: 2, HHH:0
Shelton is making raw interesting. Benoit as champion helps too.

La Resistance new finisher is fuckin tight.

Smackdown is begining to bore me.

Kane Vs. Edge is a bad idea for backlash. If Edge loses his debut goes to shit. If Kane loses, he loses heat as a bad guy in a feud thats gotten terrible build up.

Rant Of The Week: WWE pushing Bradshaw.

Praise Of The Week: WWE for pushing Shelton.

Match Of The Week: Mr. Perfect Vs. Ric Flair (Loser leaves WWF)
Found this match off kazaa. I was disappointed, started off with some playing to the crowds but the match just didn't seem planned. Too much brawling. The end had some good wrestling, Flair is still a god but this match was mediocre. Mr. Perfect won with a perfect plex, which was quite perfect may I add (Excuse the bad pun).
Rating: *

I'm strict on my match ratings cause I've only seen very few 5 star matches.

AJ Style Vs. Teddy Hart, Pure Wrestling Title feud. That is all.

My ROH Fantasy League Draft Picks:
Trent Acid
Jay Briscoe
Ace Steel
Chris Sabin

Not one of my better columns but I'm tired.
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(no subject) [Apr. 7th, 2004|01:51 am]
The Gas Mask
Mike Johnson is reporting this afternoon on PWInsider.com that NWA-TNA is backing off on its attempts to force AJ Styles, Christopher Daniels, and Chris Sabin to drop bookings for Ring of Honor. Johnson's report states that the situation "isn't settled but has been 'defused'." It was expected that the situation would still be officially settled, but TNA is choosing to concentrate on its potential TV deal with FOX Sports.

Johnson's source claimed that the original TNA decision to approach the workers was made after several Northeastern-based cable systems, approached TNA asking about the situation. The cable systems were reported to be following up on emails they received asking about TNA workers wrestling for ROH in the wake of the Rob Feinstein situation. I've received more than one e-mail stating that an individual working for a well-known independent that has had past dealings with Feinstein, as well as a "newz" website owner are likely among those who took it upon themselves to send these e-mails.

In Johnson's report, he states that NWA-TNA used this as the rationale to approach the aforementioned workers.

When approached by NWA-TNA, the wrestlers refused to distance themselves and defended Ring of Honor, which upset TNA management, if for no other reason certainly out of pride, as well as out of any feeling that the Feinstein situation would cause a problem.

NWA-TNA made the decision to contact ROH officials after the e-mail campaign directed at TNA and also at FOX Sports publicized on many of these websites began, with the concern that the campaign would cost them their TV deal with Fox Sports Net.

NWA-TNA Director of Administration and Talent Relations Bob Ryder approached Ring Of Honor, and offered to negotiate a settlement in exchange for an end to the e-mail campaign. ROH and TNA officials have continued their discussions including telephone conversations between NWA-TNA's Jeff Jarrett and ROH's Doug Gentry spoke, as well as ROH booker Gabe Sapolsky attending last week's PPV taping in Nashville. Both sides are reported to be expecting the matter to be fully resolved in the immediate future.

It seems ironic that this writer has been accused of attempting to cost TNA their TV deal, when it appears that the actions of others with their own agendas first contacted the cable companies in question, and started the entire situation to begin with.
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(no subject) [Apr. 5th, 2004|02:17 am]
The Gas Mask
Anyone up for going? DLo, AJ, Scoot, Gangrel, decent card.

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The Gas Mask 1st Column [Mar. 31st, 2004|02:53 am]
The Gas Mask
Alright, I decided to make a column of just abunch of my random thoughts and opinions on wreslting. No specific organization just my personal opinion on anything going on in wrestling.

First matter at hand would be RAW of 3/29. Started with an Evolution promo, they needed to set up Orton's match with Foley at Backlash so there was some point to it.

all about the benjamins

Yet, the highlight of RAW would be Shelton Benjamin getting the upset on Triple H. I thought the match was flawless. Great all around. Triple H gets far too much heat for not putting over younger talent. I think Shelton needs a new finisher, the dragon whip is great but it's just one of those things you know is coming when you block one of his kicks.

Rant Of The Week: Jack Evans
Trained by Ted Hart, a complete spot monkey, but a good one at that. I just feel wrestlers like him and Amazing Red are overrated due to the fancy moves they can do off the top rope.

Praise Of The Week: Homicide
I'll say it now, he's in the top 5 in the Indys, someone like him who is well versed in just about every style in wrestling deserves to be listed in the top 5. I've never seen him have a bad match. His match against Michael Shane at an MLW show I went to was match of the night. His 4 way with Colt Cabana, BJ Whitmer, and Danny Maff(who was trained by Homicide) was another show stealer. At Round Robin Challenge II he stole the show once again facing CM Punk. I'm hoping he wins the ROH title. It's almost like he can work well with anybody. He even got out a good match from Steve Corino. People rave far too much about Low-Ki when the person who trained him (Homicide) is far suprior.

Design of the week.

Match Of The Week:
Low-Ki Vs. Samoa Joe (Fight Without Honor)
I was lucky enough to get a hold of this match off Kazaa Lite K++. The fight without honor I guess is a gimmick match ROH has. The story behind the match was the hired assasin of the Prophecy Samoa Joe planned to take out Low-Ki since Ki was going after Xavier's ROH title. The very title Low-Ki use to have til Chris Daniels cost him the match, which lead to Xavier joining The Prophecy. This match was brutal it started out with them trading kicks. If you watch that match you'll see every kick connect, every punch connect. The match was more or less Japanese strong style without all the rest holds. Every move in the match just looked stiff.
Rating: **1/2

ECWA 2004 Super 8 Results
First Round: Austin Aries defeats Shawn Daivari
Mike Kruel defeats Ricky Reyes (Havana Pitbull)
Christopher Daniels defeats Rocky Romero (Havana Pitbull)
John Walters defeats Nicho aka Psicosis

Second Round:
Christoper Daniels defeats Mike Kruel(post-match: Kruel says "he's a fighting champion" and since he lost gave the ECWA Heavyweight Title to Daniels)
Austin Aries defeats John Walters

Final Round:
Christopher Daniels defeats Austin Aries to become the first ever 2-Time Winner of the Super 8 Tournament

My thoughts: Daniels is the best, yet I look at the Super 8 as a new star being born like tournament. I think John Walters should've won but whatever. Might be time for CZW's Best Of The Best tournament to become the top tournament in the indys and replace the Super 8.

Thats it.
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